Evergreen Cemetery Interactive Map

Friends and family of Evergreen Cemetery,
Here is an interactive map that shows a detailed layout of each plot in Evergreen Cemetery’s historic section. The plots in blue have burial records that are able to be matched to the numbering scheme given in the Evergreen Plats used to make this map. It is a first draft but we hope you find it useful.  If you have a GPS, tablet device or other mobile, 3G/4G device, you can be an exciting part of filling in this map.  Leave your contact info in the comments and a volunteer coordinator will get you started!

View Larger Map


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2 Responses to Evergreen Cemetery Interactive Map

  1. John Johnson says:

    Thank-you so much! GOD Bless…

    John Johnson

  2. Edwin Johnson says:

    My name is Edwin Johnson. Just looked at the interactive map and located Matilda Johnson in plot 94 Section H1. Buried there also is David A Johnson in 94-E1/2 Sect H1 and Doris Johnson, also in plot 94 Sect H1. I located the plot when my brother and I went there 3 years ago to clean it up only to discover it was so overgrown we could even get through. Another relative (according to a deed we have) is in section 2 plot 30 (Richard Thompson buried 1947) but I cannot locate section 2 on the map.

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