Trimming and Spraying!

We have more good news this week!  Thanks to Dann Ladd of John Deere and Morton’s Power Equipment in Fredericksburg, VA, the Evergreen Cemetery Cleanup Crew has a heavy-duty new weed trimmer with brush cutting attachment, and a backpack sprayer.  This will help us clear new plots and keep the previously cleared area free of weeds and brush so much more efficiently.  Thanks to our new partners for their generous help!

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2 Responses to Trimming and Spraying!

  1. J.A. Jackson says:

    Upsilon Nu Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity members continue to provide cleanup and restoration of the Evergreen Cemetery area. Members began work in August 2011 and have provided work crews at the site each month to date. The last cleanup was done on Saturday February 4, 2012. We received a special thank you letter from Virginia Roots, a 501 c organization recognizing us as the first African American fraternity to volunteer at the site. Log on to to view pictures of our efforts along with other social action projects

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