Volunteer Coordinator John Shuck celebrates 5 years at Evergreen Cemetery!

Five years ago this weekend, John Shuck decided to check out Evergreen Cemetery. As a fan of cemeteries and the history they contain, he hoped to clear away the overgrowth in a few weekends worth of work, but quickly realized the project was bigger than any one person could handle. Slowly, a team of dedicated regulars and enthusiastic volunteers have trimmed, mowed, dug, chopped, and cleaned their way slowly into perhaps 5% of the total 60 acre parcel. Week after  week John is out at the cemetery around 9AM, with a truck full of rakes, loppers, and gloves. Some weeks it is just John with a few others, sometimes we get multiple shifts of volunteers, but we appreciate every single person who comes to check out this amazing part of Richmond’s African-American history and helps out.

We’ve come a long way in 5 years and none of it would have happened without John. Come wish him ‘happy annniversary’ this Saturday.  As a special treat there will be Country Style Donuts and drinks for volunteers!

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12 Responses to Volunteer Coordinator John Shuck celebrates 5 years at Evergreen Cemetery!

  1. Anthony R. Ford says:

    Amy, when and where is this celebration for John?

  2. i literally just found out about your efforts to care for the memory of these people. i was there yesterday and will be back often. i hope our visits coincide soon. every person who helps is a true blessing. — Ms. Maat Free, Founder, The Beloved Unseen

    • jgshuck says:

      Unfortunately in July we had to terminate our clean up efforts. We are now working at East End Cemetery which is adjacent to Evergreen. See

  3. Jamie says:

    OMG .. I just left Evergreen Cemetery and it is a COMPLETE mess … Thank you Mr. John and volunteers 4 all ur hard work in tryin clean & clear up the Cemetery. My grandmother and brother are buried there and my mother and I are always coming to clean & clear their stones.. Granted we haven’t been there in a while but going there today and to NOT even be able to find their graves had my mother very upset. We cleaned what we could on my brothers stone but couldn’t find my grandmother at all .. Upsetting !!! What or who do I need to contact to have this cleared ? I took pictures & even made a video and was gonna post it on FB and other media sites. We want our loved ones to be still in a place where we don’t have to deal with this type of UNCARING and DISREGARD !!! Once again thanks for all of ur efforts to try to make a difference …

    • jgshuck says:

      Unfortunately, due to issues with the owner, we ended our volunteer efforts at Evergreen in early July. As far as I know, no one is now working on clearing the cemetery. We have moved our Evergreen volunteers to East End Cemetery which is adjacent to Evergreen.

      • Sharon Spry says:

        I am new to Richmond and just happened to drive by Evergreen…physically, I am not very able to get out and chop, haul, etc. But…in a varied career, I can perform research into any and all things historical with a strong background in African American military history during the pre and post WWI era…I had a group of high school Juniors who adopted unmarked graves and worked through the process of securing markers through the VA. That became one of the most popular projects district wide! I taught American and World History as well as English and used World War I poetry as a mini lesson since it was NOT in the curriculum but ironically did appear in the Florida required state wide testing! I can be reached at sharonspry@yahoo.com or on my cell at 904-472-8163. I am at Farrand Street.

      • Jeff Sulik says:

        Mr. Shuck, I have just gone to Evergreen, after reading the Historical marker I wanted to find Maggie Walker’s grave. What was the problem with the owner and who is that?
        I was amazed at how overgrown the whole place is. I had looked at some photos but wanted to see for myself.
        Jeff Sulik

      • jgshuck says:

        The owner is UK Corporation. I can’t comment of the issues with the owner.

        We have moved our volunteer effort to adjacent East End Cemetery. That was our choice to do so. We welcome help anyone cares to give at East End. See: http://eastendcemetery.wordpress.com.

  4. Chandra Crawford says:

    I have two Brothers buried there in Evergreen and I don’t have a marker of where they are located..I called 2 months and left a message but, no one has yet to return my phone call It is so Heart broken that no one cares..I of my Brother has been descend for 20yrs.and My Other Brother 6yrs..

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