PBS actress

PBS Mercy Street series actress L. Scott Caldwell heard about the Evergreen and East End cemeteries clean up and so will be out helping at the cemetery tomorrow, May 7, from about noon until 2 pm.


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East End Cemetery clean up volunteer coordinator
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5 Responses to PBS actress

  1. Risa Gomez says:


    Does anyone know if the headstone of Julia Hoggett was found?

    • jgshuck says:

      Yes, it’s location has been known about for several years. During the summer the kudzu makes it difficult to get to. Ms. Caldwell was able to get to the stone as shown in the article since the kudzu has just started growing.

      • Risa Gomez says:

        Thanks for the reply. Of course the photo answered my question. That’s what I get for just reading the text.
        Thanks. Great story.

  2. Risa Gomez says:

    Thanks for all the tireless work you do at the cemetery, John.

    • jgshuck says:

      You are welcome. There are a bunch of us that work out at the cemeteries and put a lot of hours.

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