July 23 work day

Some 27 people braved the heat and humidity this morning to work for up to 5 hours at Evergreen Cemetery. Three others worked at East End. We also had 3 visitors and Fox News came out and filmed spots for next year’s Black History Month. We got several plots cleared or partially cleared and found several gravestones..


About jgshuck

East End Cemetery clean up volunteer coordinator
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4 Responses to July 23 work day

  1. Keena says:

    I want to do locate several of my relatives’ graves. However, I’ve emailed woodlandevergreen@gmail but no-one has responded. Additionally, I’ve called 804-643-4072 at different times of the day and the number is constantly busy. I don’t think the number works. Can anyone offer me any advice.
    thank you,

  2. ashcakes22 says:

    I’ve just started working on my family tree and I noticed quite a few of them were buried at Evergreen per their death certificates , but when I looked at the list I only found maybe two. I’m just starting so any help would be appreciated.

    • jgshuck says:

      Also be sure the check the Find A Grave web site for Evergreen. Many of the burial records have been lost so the list is not any where near complete. Also most of the cemetery is still overgrown and many many grave markers remain to be uncovered.

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