Significant Discovery

Two days ago a group of us were tromping through Evergreen cemetery when Brian Palmer noticed the sun lighting up a big grave marker off to the side of the road so he went to check it out. It turned out to be the grave marker for Thomas Mitchell, brother of John Mitchell Jr. I had been looking for this grave for 7 years and now through serendipity we found it. Yesterday four of us went back and cleared the grave so we could see the grave marker. Today, after working at East End, we met his great grandson, John Mitchell, at Evergreen and showed him the grave. Below is a picture of the grave before we started clearing and then a picture of John Mitchell beside the grave.

Thomas Mitchell died in 1900. He was the manager of the Richmond Planet. In August of 1901 they had a dedication ceremony for his grave marker. A newspaper article from that time says that 10,000 people witnessed the dedication and unveiling of the monument. There were marching bands and a reviewing stand. Also below is a picture of the monument from the newspaper article and a picture of Thomas Mitchell.


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March 11 Work Day


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Special work day Jan. 20


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Oct. 11 work day

We worked out at Evergreen Cemetery for over 8 hours today. We had 24 members of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and spouses and 1 community member. We got a many plots cleared, uncovered many grave markers, cleaned many gravestones, cut many trees and got a lot of mowing and weed whacking done. We also helped a family clear their son’s grave. When we first got there, we saw 2 kittens hiding under the dumpster.

Also, when I got there found more illegal dumping. Someone dumped 2 truck loads of brush by the dumpster effectively blocking the road to Maggie Walker’s grave and blocking our use of the dumpster. There was also some trash dumped in the dumpster again which we had to pull out.


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Big clean up day Sept. 24

See this link: Clean Up Day

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July 23 work day

Some 27 people braved the heat and humidity this morning to work for up to 5 hours at Evergreen Cemetery. Three others worked at East End. We also had 3 visitors and Fox News came out and filmed spots for next year’s Black History Month. We got several plots cleared or partially cleared and found several gravestones..

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July 16 work day

We worked out at East End and Evergreen for over 4 hours today. We had 10 volunteers. When I arrived at East End I noticed someone had almost filled up our dumpster with brush they put in it. They also left a couple of chairs. We did clearing and weed whacking and then moved to Evergreen.

At Evergreen we cleared all of the brush and trees off of area around Rev. Andrew Bowler’s plot. We cleaned off one marker in that area.

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