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  1. Ruth Ann Price says:

    My great grandmother, Lillian Payne, and my grandfather, Winston Payne, are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, I believe. Is there any roster available marking the plots of those buried in the cemetry? Please reply.

  2. John Shuck says:

    I’ve extracted most of the available records. Lillian and Winston Payne do show up in the records. If you live in the area, I invite you to join us out at Evergreen. We work out there most Saturdays, weather permitting. We plan to be out there this Saturday starting at 10 a.m. We can show you the approximate area of where your ancestors are buried. You very likely will need to remove overgrowth to find the graves. For more details of where we work and what to bring, please email at

    John Shuck
    Evergreen cleanup volunteer coordinator

  3. Anthony Ford says:

    My grandfather, John Ford; my grandmother, Estelle Morgan, my great-grandmother Elija Morgan
    and my great-great grandmother Livinia Morgan are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, is there any
    roster available marking the plot of those I’ve mentioned? Please reply.

  4. Ashley says:


    I am looking for my husbands mother. They say she was buried here but we can never find her plot when we visit as because of the upkeep of place. Would there be any records of a Theresa Dunn. Her last name may be different but we are not sure. We were told maybe its freeman or frasier not sure of the spelling. She passed away between 93-94. Please advise of you find anything. Also i think that it needs to be in the public about the upkeep of the plots evergreen is apart of history.

  5. Shiraine Dennison says:


    My Father, Robert E. Adkins, Jr. was buried there February 1987, and I do not see his name on your list. Please Reply. Thanks!!!

    • jgshuck says:

      The list does not contain all names, only those in the records that had a plot number. I would suggest contacting the cemetery office at 804-643-4702.

  6. Kim Strayhorn says:

    Can you check your burial records for W.I. Johnson, Sr plot. It is near the Walker plot, I think?

  7. Riley K. Temple says:

    I have checked the list of the records from 1929 to 1993. Unfortunately they are not definitive, and that grieves me. Although I recognize many names, they do not include Alma Purnell Temple, my father’s first wife, who died on July 1, 1941 in childbirth (the fetus was also interred in anonymity in the coffin), and was buried on July 4, 1941 in an eight-grave plot in Evergreen, marked off by a low stone square barrier, etched with the name, TEMPLE. My dad and I would visit with some frequency when I was a boy, unbeknownst to my mother. Alma had two stone grave markers — exactly the same — her full name and dates of birth and death. The plot was on a path, and if I stood at a right angle to her grave and looked across the path to my right. I could see the elaborate grave of Maggie Walker. That is all I remember. I know the dates are correct from the family records.

    • Riley K. Temple says:

      I found Alma Purnell Temple’s Death Certificate. She was buried, not in 1941, but actually on July 4, 1942, having died on July 1, 1942. Her Death Certificate is signed by her physician, John Massey, MD. Her burial at Evergreen on July 4,1942 was certified by the funeral director, R.C. Scott, Inc.

  8. jackie stewart says:

    My father Enrest Albert buried not to from Ms Maggie Waker I think. Pass but to afraid to to grave all the weeds

  9. Ashley says:

    I am looking for a Theresa Dunn? Her last name may have been different. She is my mother in law and passes I think between 90-93. Does the cemetery have any record of her or any Theresa’s? Her last name could have started with the letter F also?

  10. I am looking for my cousin & his wife in Evergreen Cemetery. Richard/Wilie/William Morgan 1896
    6-25-1935 & Edmonia Tinsley Morgan Feb. 21, 1894-Feb. 28, 1968. I have reliable information that they both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Thank you

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